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May 4, 2010

Alternative title: OMGWTF I just quit my job! Alternative alternative title: A better way to resign from a company

That’s right. I just gave notice that I’m leaving a great job with awesome coworkers and interesting problems. I’m trading all of that for the privilege of moving across the country, not taking a salary, and working 80 hours a week. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to continue doing this for a long time, rather than finding another job that pays actual money.

Shorter explanation: I’m moving to Silicon Valley to start a business.

Not too much to say right now about the startup. I got a funding offer I couldn’t turn down for an idea I really believe in. Expect more posts in the future, since they valley always does inspire more blogging in me. For now I don’t want to say too much about the idea itself, since we’re still fleshing a lot of things out, but I promise there will be some awesome posts about it in the future.

However, there is something to say about my current employer, TripAdvisor. Shortly put, they’ve been amazing. I got to work on awesome features (like mobile flight search, which just launched today… from a mobile phone). And not just work on them but have a major say in their direction. My coworkers were a lot of fun, and my boss was flexible and understanding.

I knew before I graduated that I would eventually leave my first employer to start a business (though I didn’t think it would be so soon). TripAdvisor made that an incredibly hard thing to do, which I commend them for. Hopefully I’ll be hiring soon, but until I open a Boston office, definitely apply for a position with them. If you’d like a contact within the company (not necessary, the engineering HR manager is a solid guy and will get your resume to the right place), just ask.

I’ll be out in Mountain View in early June. See you on TechCrunch :).

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