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Life Update

May 21, 2008

Inevitably over each summer I develop a strong desire to blog, and conveniently enough I have this blog to do so. So as a windup to this blogging spree, I figured I should give an update to my life:

  • I’m interning at Mozilla this summer, specifically the WebDev team. They seem like an great bunch, and I’m really looking forward to it. Obviously this means I’ll be in Silicon Valley again.
  • I’ll be at the 2008 Firefox Summit, and it’s going to be awesome!
  • I’m officially a senior, which means that I’ll begin my big full-time job hunt during/after this summer
  • For various reasons, I’ll shortly be moving off of SoftLayer to VPSLink for hosting. I love SoftLayer and would never consider anyone else for dedicated hosting, but since it’s now just me and my projects I can’t justify the cost. VPSLink was my first non-shared webhost (I was one of their first customers, they used my testimonial for a few years on their homepage). Plus they have a half-off deal if you prepay 2 years, which makes them even better of a bargain than they usually are (which is saying a lot).

So, this means a few things for this blog (and the 4 and a half readers):

  • More frequent posts!
  • More startupy posts!
  • More Brian-y posts!
  • More Mozilla-y posts!
  • I’m considering moving the blog back to or over to (haven’t decided yet but don’t worry, all the current links will redirect). The idea behind using was to make a theme for the blog, and I decided that this limits me too much, and I’d rather call this a personal blog and post businessy things than vice-versa.

So stay tuned, I’m out in California Saturday, and start at Mozilla Tuesday. I also have my VPS allocated, so I’ll be swapping things over within the next week or 2 (depending on whether or not I have to wait for internet in my apartment).

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