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August 11, 2007

// NOTE(mcslee): ok, at this point we know we are going to display the full
// page, so it is time to do a PHATTY PHATTY MULTIGET of all the shit that
// we are going to need to make this page, or at least the most common things

Yea, so Simon from Facebook’s legal department sent a very nice Cease & Desist email politely demanding that I take down the code (note that I never implied anywhere on this site that it was Facebook’s code, nor have I broken any laws in obtaining said code), but I figured the above lines, used for the sake of comedy, are kosher. Funny how the last name in those parenthesis matches up with one of Facebook’s (and Google’s, and Motorola’s), though I of course imply no connection.

Sorry Simon for making you log on late on a Friday to send that email.

Completely Random Pretty Code From Nowhere in Particular

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