Well, I just spent the day at SuperHappyDevHouse 19. Some highlights of the evening:

  • Having an hour-long conversation about dropping out of college, and again finding that everyone in the near vicinity feels that I should
  • Meeting an entrepreneur in silicon valley younger than I am
  • Being (easily) convinced by Chris Smoak (who doesn’t seem to have a blog…) that I am fully capable of implementing an Everyman sleep schedule while at college, which I intend to try
    • And realizing that Carnegie Mellon students/alum have almost as many internal acronyms as Yahoo.
  • Having a few people actually have read my blog before I met them (very cool and infrequent occurrence)
  • The “Hot Tub of Philosophy”

It’s definitely a great event worth checking out if you’re in the Bay Area, I know I’ll be going whenever I’m nearby.

Oh, and I found out via a former Facebook employee that Simon, the guy who sent me my Cease & Desist, is actually from customer service, not legal. What a shame…they couldn’t even take the time to sick a high-paid corporate lawyer on me…